Washoe Country School District

August 22, 2014

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Speech Language Pathology

The Washoe County School District , Student Support Services, Speech and Language Department is a provider of speech and language services in a public educational institution. As such, its purpose is to identify, assess and facilitate the remediation of communication disorders that hinder school success. Communication disorders which do not adversely affect a student's educational performance, such as mild developmental articulation delays, or reverse swallow, are more appropriately addressed by area clinics, agencies, or private practitioners that are able to offer more global speech and language services.

The speech-language pathologist provides direct and/or consultative services for students having impairments in the receptive and expressive language skills.  These may include:

  • Phonology/Articulation - the sound system of speech-language, and how these sounds are produced.
  • Morphology - word forms, including the use of prefixes, suffixes, tenses, plurals, possessives, comparatives, and pronoun changes.
  • Syntax - word order of sentence structure.
  • Semantics - content and meaning of language.
  • Pragmatics - appropriate use of language to a given situation.
  • Disorders of voice - hoarseness, harshness, inappropriate pitch, hypernasality, and hyponasality.
  • Disfluency - disorders of fluency.
  • Hearing impairments that affect the ability to understand and use spoken language.

Washoe County speech ­language pathologists utilize a variety of service delivery options to help students with communication disorders in the least restrictive educational environment. While direct intervention therapy for an individual or small group basis in the therapy room remains warranted in many cases, a direct, classroom-­based model or consultative model may be deemed most appropriate.