Washoe Country School District

July 22, 2014

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Aaquist, Linda

Title Assistant Principal, High Desert Montessori ES Charter School
Email APhdmschoolnv.org
Fax 775-624-2801
Local 775-624-2800

Abina, Liz

Title Administrative Secretary, OBrien STEM Academy
Email eabinawashoeschools.net
Local 775-677-5420

Acevedo, Lucy

Email macevedowashoeschools.net

Achurra, Katherine

Title Administrative Secretary, Peavine ES
Email KAchurrawashoeschools.net
Fax 775-746-5841
Local 775-746-5840

Adams, Dawn

Title Secondary Program Consultant, ELL
Email dmadamswashoeschools.net

Aguilar, Ana

Title Administrative Secretary, Towles ES
Email AAguilarwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-746-5822
Local 775-746-5820

Aguilar, Luis

Title Executive Assistant, Office of School Performance, Area 1, Area 2
Email laguilarwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-348-0286
Local 775-348-0261

Aiazzi, Dave

Title Board of Trustees, Board Member
Email davewashoeschools.net
Fax 775-348-0304
Local 775-747-7711

Aird, Sandra

Title Principal, Alice Smith ES
Email SAirdwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-677-5413
Local 775-677-5410

Akers, Mary Beth

Title Principal, Gomes ES
Email MAkerswashoeschools.net
Local 775-677-5440

Al Soussi, Bill

Title Director, Nutrition Services
Email balsoussiwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-353-5936
Local 775-353-5237

Alcala-Hanks, Christine

Title Administrative Secretary, Staff Development
Email CAlcalaHankswashoeschools.net

Alegria, Mickey

Title School Psychologist
Email mralegriawashoeschools.net
Fax 775--861-4496
Local 775-861-4405

Alesevich, Robert

Title Assistant Principal, Sparks HS
Email RAlesevichwashoeschools.net

Allison, Wendy

Title Secretary II, Double Diamond ES
Email wallisonwashoeschools.net

Allyn, Patti

Title Assistant Principal, Sparks MS
Email PAllynwashoeschools.net

Almo, Sara

Title Associate General Counsel, Office of the General Counsel
Email SAlmowashoeschools.net
Fax 775-333-6010
Local 775-348-0300

Anderson, Ana

Title Coordinator, Dept. of Family School Partnerships
Email ANAndersonwashoeschools.net
Local 775-789-4684

Anderson, Aprile

Title Administrative Secretary, Capital Projects
Email AMAndersonwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-851-5658
Local 775-789-3838

Anderson, Jenni

Title Principal, Veterans ES
Email JAAndersonwashoeschools.net

Anderson, John

Title Assistant Project Manager, Capital Projects
Email JWAndersonwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-851-5658
Local 775-789-3842

Anderson, Lea

Title Assistant Principal, Beasley ES
Email landersonwashoeschools.net

Anderson, Lindsay

Title Director, Government Affairs
Email LEAndersonwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-333-6010
Local 775-348-3846

Anderson, Michele

Title Communications Manager, Communications Department
Email mlandersonwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-348-0397
Local 775-325-2083

Anderson, Susan

Title Assistant Principal, Hug HS
Email SSAndersonwashoeschools.net

Andrews, Korry

Title IT Bond Program Director, IT
Email KAndrewswashoeschools.net
Fax 775-333-6065
Local 775-789-3410

Angotti, Don

Title Principal, Warner ES
Email DAngottiwashoeschools.net

Annand, Juliana

Title Principal, Depoali MS
Email JAnnandwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-852-6701
Local 775-852-6700

Anthony, Suzanne

Title Area Administrator, Special Education - Area 5
Email SAnthonywashoeschools.net
Fax 775-861-4496
Local 775-861-4466

Applewhite, Steven

Title Audio Visual Specialist, IT Dept
Email SApplewhitewashoeschools.net
Fax 775-348-0378
Local 775-325-2051

Appolloni, Sharyn

Title Education Specialist Mentoring, Induction In-Service
Email SAppolloniwashoeschools.net
Local 775-850-8059
Local 775-851-5649

Archibald, Lisa

Title Assistant Principal, Shaw MS
Email LJArchibaldwashoeschools.net

Armstrong, Monica

Title Administrative Secretary, Sepulveda ES
Email MArmstrongwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-626-5258
Local 775-626-5257

Arrascada, MaryEllen

Title Principal, Beasley ES
Email MEArrascadawashoeschools.net
Fax 775-626-5254
Local 775-626-5250

Arreygue, Andrena

Title Analyst, HR Employee Services
Email AArreyguewashoeschools.net
Fax 775-333-5011
Local 775-348-0325

Ashorn, Steve

Title Bond Accountant, Business & Finance
Email SAshornwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-851-5658
Local 775-851-5672

Askew, Sandra

Title Administrative Secretary, Hunsberger ES
Email SAskewwashoeschools.net

AuCoin, Jonna

Title Principal, Lemelson ES
Email JAucoinwashoeschools.net
Fax 775-333-5008
Local 775-333-5080

Austill, Kate

Title Assistant Principal, Spanish Springs ES
Email KAustillwashoeschools.net

Avila, Elizabeth

Title Family Advocate, Family Resource Center
Email eaviawashoeschools.net
Local (775) 674-4411

Aziz, Fatima

Title Itinerant Autism Consultant - Autism, Student Support Services
Email fazizwashoeschools.net
Local 775-453-8837