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1450 Stewart Street

Reno, Nevada  89502

Phone:  (775) 333-5140

       fax:  (775) 333-6053


School begins at 8:55am on Monday through Friday.

School ends at 3:00pm, except on Wednesday, 2:15pm.


The staff and faculty of Libby Booth School are focused on the concept of a community school, with an emphasis of preparing our students to be college and career ready for the challenges and responsibilities they will encounter throughout their lives.

Our Mission Statement:  Work hard, achieve success.

Our Vision Statement: The Libby Booth Community will show integrity, be personally accountable, and work with strategic purpose to maximize achievement.

The staff of Libby Booth School will continue building a professional learning community in the tradition of BRUINS who have gone before.

B:  Believe

R:  Respect & Resources for all learners

U:  Unity among students, parents and community

I:  Individuaity.  We figure it out for every learner, one by one

N:  Never give up

S:  Shared Responsibility.  Collaborate and team with your colleagues


Courage comes from deep inside,

Strength comes from those on your side,

Pride comes from the heart,

Bruin bears will never part.






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